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Incline Lifts: Junior 18

Smallest installation dimensions thanks to the proven compact design

As the most compact construction lift in the series, the Junior 18 provides fast, effortless material transport of loads up to 250 kg at transport heights up to 18 meters. It offers comprehensive equipment options, such as electro-hydraulic operation in the Basic and Comfort versions, the addition of a knee joint, and further rail extensions at the best price-performance ratio.

The Junior 18 has the tried-and-tested rail package with an integrated drawbar, while its chassis is very compact with four plug-in crank drop outriggers. Thanks to its low weight and short transport length, the inclined lift is easy to maneuver in narrow spaces and only requires a footprint of around 5 m2. The endless swiveling range allows it to be used on all four sides of the chassis. Thanks to its low axle load of 750 kg, the trailer can be towed to the construction site with a car. Powerful LED rear lights ensure road safety.


Convenient operating options: The Junior 18 is equipped with a fold-out control panel as standard, which can be supplemented with additional options.

Sophisticated aluminum rail package: On the Junior 18, the drawbar with ball coupling and the support wheel are mounted directly on the durable aluminum rail package. This significantly reduces the body length of the inclined elevator during operation. Laterally adjustable head section wheels complete the equipment.

Out onto the roof with a knee joint: A knee joint can be added to the lift’s rail package for traveling over the eaves. This transports the load a further 6m out onto the roof. The articulation angle can be infinitely adjusted from 20 to 45° to suit the roof pitch.

Electric or with combustion engine: You have a choice of drive technology! The Junior 18 inclined lift operates either via a Honda petrol engine, equipped with a convenient E-Start as standard, or it’s driven emission-free by a 230v electric motor.

Large assortment of load-handling equipment: Various load-handling devices make the Junior 18 an all-rounder on any construction site. Whether roof tiles, windows, or solar panels - with the right platform, the lift transports any load safely and efficiently up to a height of 18m.




Incline Lifts: Junior 18 | Smallest installation dimensions thanks to the proven compact design

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