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Incline Lifts: Junior G

Practical assistant for scaffolding construction

Scaffolding construction solutions that save time and money are required for efficient on-site logistics and rapid material transport. The Junior G scaffolding lift is tailor-made to fulfill these requirements. It can be used flexibly and brings large payloads of up to 250 kg to heights of up to 24 m in a single upward drive. At the same time, it achieves high carriage speeds of up to 48 m/min.

The lift is equipped with a specially developed platform for scaffolding construction. It is hooked directly into the rails of the lift - without an additional carriage. Numerous well-thought-out details facilitate the transport of scaffolding elements. For example, the scaffolding platform has additional holders for scaffolding tubes and storage areas for small parts. The platform floor is characterised by its durability and wear resistance. Maneuverable, compact, and easy to handle, the Junior G safely transports frame parts, planks, and diagonal braces upwards. A long wheelbase guarantees smooth driving behavior of the platform even under full load. The inclined lift is available either fully electric, as a hybrid lift with an electric auxiliary drive, or with a petrol engine.


A special platform for scaffolding material: The practical scaffolding platform with tube holder facilitates the transport of scaffolding elements and ensures safe material handling. It features a sturdy platform floor made of chequer plate and a low-level design for effortless loading.

Powerful electric or petrol motor: The Junior G is available in a fully electric version with a 2.6 kW 230 V electric motor, as a hybrid lift with additional electric drive to the petrol engine or with a Honda petrol engine. The combustion engine version utilizes the latest engine technology with low fuel consumption.

Straightforward to the place of use: Thanks to its particularly low weight, the Junior can be taken to the construction using a standard car. On-site, it is easy to manoeuvre and can be quickly positioned at its set-up location.

High performance in the tightest space: The standard retractable drawbar ensures compact manoeuvring dimensions. Thanks to the optional retractable axle, the Junior G also fits through narrow aisles and standard doors. Even when set up, the scaffolding lift takes up a minimum of space.

Reliability and ease of operation: The material lift performs all functions completely hydraulically. This means maximum reliability and ease of operation, even for inexperienced personnel. The practical stand-alone remote control is available as an option.

Highly ergonomic way of working: The low loading height of the Junior G thanks to the floor-level platform ensures a comfortable working position. As the lift can be extended variably and positioned at any desired height, the unloading process also can be carried out ergonomically.




Incline Lifts: Junior G | Practical assistant for scaffolding construction

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