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LMC S4 Lift

The compact goods lift.

The ALP assembly lifts of the LMC series are the compact alternatives to the LM series. Thanks to a space-saving height of 1.55 m to 1.92 m and a transport width of just 0.76 m, these devices fit effortlessly through almost any door and can therefore be brought quickly and directly to the place of use. In addition, the lifts of the LMC series can also be transported upright and thus save space. These lifts also require very little space when in use and can therefore be used optimally even under difficult conditions. Nevertheless, the devices are convincing with strong performance.

Lifting heights between 2.73 m and 6.25 m and payloads up to 250 kg mean no appreciable sacrifice. The operation of the LMC lifts is effortless and user-friendly. The load fork can be raised precisely to the desired height using the robust hand winch. Different winch types are available depending on the model and application area.


Of course, special attention was also paid to safety during the development of the ALP Lift LMC series. The models all comply with the latest safety guidelines, are manufactured in Germany, and bear the CE mark.


  • Efficiency:  Lightweight aluminium  construction ensures low dead weight and high payloads

  • Speed:   Safe and quickly ready for use thanks to short assembly times

  • Convenience:  Agile and easy to manoeuvre, so it can be used anywhere

  • Versatility:  Almost unlimited areas of application, both indoors and outdoors

  • Service:  Nationwide full service even after the purchase

  • Quality:  Made in Germany, use of metric materials only




LMC S4 | The compact goods lift.

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