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Dual Pressure Cleaner 2200

The easiest to use pressure washer on the market

The Dual Pressure Cleaner 2200 combines a pressure wand and rotary surface cleaner with 152 bar (2200 psi) pressure control in one machine, so you can complete cleaning jobs more quickly.

The Makinex dual function pressure cleaner gives you two machines in one. In one compact unit you get a powerful 450 mm (18”) rotary surface cleaner and a pressure washer wand. Now you can handle more cleaning jobs and do them much faster.

Consider the time you waste on setup and task-switching when you use single-purpose washers. Once you have enjoyed the speed and efficiency of the Makinex DPC 2200 you’ll never put up with the hassle of separate equipment again.

You can switch the valve to direct water from the rotary cleaner to the wand without missing a beat.

It is a cinch to control. Simply walk behind and push gently. No strenuous side-to-side sweeping motion which mess up your back. And no tiny wheels snagging in cracks, divots and ruts. The rear wheels make it glide easily over any surface.

The ease of use of the Makinex Dual Pressure Cleaner 2200 is unmatched.

Powered by Briggs & Stratton and a heavy duty geared pump producing 152 bar (2200 psi), it quickly cleanses any flat surfaces such as car parks, driveways, paths, pavements, tennis courts as well as decks, steps, walls and windows, machinery, equipment and more.


  • Spray gun wand and rotary cleaner in one 

  • Front swivel wheel with a brake, stops it rolling away.

  • Telescopic handle for more compact storage 

  • Lightweight at 40 kgs Durable HDPE foam filled chassis


  • Wasting time on set up and switching tools 

  • Continuously moving the pressure pump around

  • Small wheels snag in cracks

  • Hand cramps and back strain complaints


Dual Pressure Cleaner 2200 | The easiest to use pressure washer on the market

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