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Incline Lifts: Junior

Compact design for versatile applications

The Junior construction lift is as versatile as the requirements for load transportation on the construction site. The compact all-rounder was specially developed for confined spaces. Minimal manoeuvring and installation dimensions are particularly important in inner cities and for renovation work in old towns with narrow alleys. Thanks to its compact dimensions and small footprint, the Junior demonstrates its strengths in these circumstances. Its axle can be optionally retracted so that it fits through a standard door or garden gate with a manoeuvring width of less than one meter. The drawbar can also be retracted to shorten the length of the lift.

Despite its compact design, the Junior is characterized by its high performance. Carriage speeds of up to 48 m/min and lifting heights of up to 24 m ensure efficient work processes to relieve the workload on tradesmen. The high payload of up to 250 kg combined with sophisticated equipment features, such as the integrated or mechanically attachable knee joint, make the Junior the perfect construction site assistant for fast material transport. The lift is powerfully driven by a 230 V electric motor or Honda petrol engine. It is also optionally available as a hybrid lift with an additional electric motor.


Easy manoeuvring in tight spaces: Wherever spaces are tight, the Junior is the first choice. The standard retractable drawbar guarantees great manoeuvrability thanks to minimal handling dimensions. Its optional retractable axle reduces the clearance width to 89 cm.

Highly sophisticated rail package: Thanks to its lightweight, compact rail profile made of a high-strength aluminium alloy, the Junior combines a slim design with strong performance data. The vertically and horizontally adjustable rails ensure that the sled runs absolutely smoothly.

Flexibility due to lightweight: With its low dead weight, the lift can be driven to the construction site by all standard cars, depending on the version, and is easy to position on site. Its stable chassis with a particularly low centre of gravity guarantees maximum driving stability in road traffic.

Sophisticated support reduces footprint: The flexible support of the Junior with variably extendable outriggers reduces the footprint depending on the situation. The small space requirement is ideal on construction sites with limited space or when working on the roadside.

Reliability and ease of operation: The Junior performs all functions fully hydraulically. The telescopic and load winches are equipped with an automatic slack rope safety device for secure and easy operation. This ensures maximum reliability and ease of operation, even for inexperienced personnel. A practical standing remote control is available as an option.   Many options in drive technology: All options are open when it comes to choosing the right drive technology. The Junior is impressive either as a purely electric elevator with a 2.6 kW 230 V electric motor, with a Honda petrol engine or as a hybrid, i.e. with a combination of the two drive systems. The combustion engine version uses the latest engine technology with low fuel consumption.

Up to the ridge with the knee joint: Depending on the model, the Junior inclined lift has an integrated or optionally mechanically attachable knee joint. Thanks to the generous adjustment range, the rails can be optimally adapted to practically any roof pitch. In this way, it moves the material a further 5.8 m up the roof over the eaves.

Wide range of different platforms: Whether roof tiles, wooden battens, insulation, solar panels or windows - the Junior is available with the right platform for every load. The lift can be ergonomically loaded and unloaded via the extendable lower 2 m rail extension. The smooth running of the machine also allows fragile loads to be transported.




Incline Lifts: Junior | Compact design for versatile applications

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