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LMC S4.2 Lift

The classic among assembly lifts has a new series.

The ALP LM load lifts are the classic among Böcker load lifts. Thanks to first-class workmanship, the devices offer outstanding durability and reliability. Now they have been reworked and score points as the 4.2 (S4.2) series with comfortable transport options and quick and safe assembly on site.

The new LM S4.2 goods lifts are available in six different models with lifting heights between 3.35 m and 7.51 m. The maximum payload is 300 kg.

The lifts are equipped with four stable rollers, all of which have a parking brake for a secure hold. For optimal protection indoors and outdoors, the devices can also be equipped with lateral plug-in brackets. A comfortable hand winch with a built-in automatic brake ensures precise and safe lifting of all loads.

Thanks to short assembly times, the LM S4.2 goods lifts are safe and quickly ready for use. Due to their innovative chassis with spring latch lock and plug connection, they can be assembled by one person without tools. The load fork is quickly installed and fixed using ball lock pins.

Transporting the Series 4.2 ALP cargo lifts is extremely convenient. Thanks to the low dead weight through the use of aluminium components, large transport wheels and rollers in the front parts, the devices can be loaded and moved particularly easily. Integrated forklift pockets also allow safe transport with a forklift. With a height of between 1.90 m and 2.22 m, the devices take up little space.


Of course, special attention was also paid to safety during the development of the ALP Lift LMC series. The models all comply with the latest safety guidelines, are manufactured in Germany, and bear the CE mark.


  • Robust and powerful aluminum rails ensure high payloads with a low dead weight

  • High-quality hand winch with brake function for comfortable and precise lifting of the load

  • Sturdy castors enable quick changes of position with a subsequent firm stand thanks to parking brakes

  • Safe and quick loading thanks to standard forklift pockets

  • Convenient ball lock pin for fixing the load fork

  • Simple, tool-free assembly by one person thanks to the innovative chassis with spring latch lock

  • High durability due to the fully galvanized chassis

  • Easy to maneuver thanks to integrated rollers in the front parts

  • Loading rollers on the winch holder enable transport when lying down




LMC S4.2 | The classic among assembly lifts has a new series.

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