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ML Lift

The ML 350 - The small, inexpensive, extremely powerful material lift.

The ALP assembly lift type ML is a particularly light and extremely compact lift that will quickly impress you. The simple concept offers you enormous possibilities and facilitates precise and fast work. 

The lift weighs just 39 kg and easily fits into any trunk thanks to its small dimensions. No other lift offers so much performance for so little money.

With a maximum payload of 100 kg, the device is more than just a "third hand" and is ideal for attaching air conditioning units or similar bulky systems. With the cable winch, the large and stable wooden platform can be adjusted with millimeter precision, so that precise work becomes a matter of course. Try it yourself and soon you will never want to work without the ALP Lift ML again.


Of course, special attention was also paid to safety during the development of the ALP Lift ML series. The models all comply with the latest safety guidelines, are manufactured in Germany, and bear the CE mark.


  • Speed:  Safe and quickly ready foruse thanks to short assembly times

  • Convenience:  Agile and easy to manoeuvre, so it can be used anywhere

  • Versatility:  Almost unlimited areas of application, both indoors and outdoors

  • Service:  Nationwide full service even after the purchase

  • Quality:  Made in Germany, use of metric materials only




ML | The ML 350 - The small, inexpensive, extremely powerful material lift.

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